Day 15, More Sweden.

Sadly disapointed. Today we continied south through Sweden. We had hoped to drive slowly along the coast, see some towns and villages, watch the world go by in a fishing port, but no. The “coast Road” is the E4, a fast road that bypasses just about everywhere. Villages are a long way off the road,… Continue reading Day 15, More Sweden.

Day 14, Sweden

Chatting with Tesla owners Today was another travel day, leaving Rovaniemi around 10 am. I had expected to only go about 250Km, but in the end it was 520 Km. We made a stop at Gammelstad for a good couple of hours, a very nice Unesco world heritage location. At a supercharger location we got… Continue reading Day 14, Sweden

Day 13, A day relaxing

Jingle bells Santa smells … Today we spent in Rovaniemi just relaxing and looking at the shops. We drove a total of 46Km, going from the accommodation to places of interest, to the malls, and back to the accommodation, and of course to town again for dinner. As the accommodation we had last night was… Continue reading Day 13, A day relaxing

Day 12, Finland.

Trees Trees and more Trees! With a bit of doubt as to the open status, or not, of the Finish border, we made our way to the crossing. We were the only car there, and the guard came out of his cabin looking a bit cold and fed up, asked where we were going to… Continue reading Day 12, Finland.

Day 11, Going south.

Tax Refund! We left Honningsv√•g around 9:30 am. It was a cold, about 8c, and rainy day, The route was limited, one road in and the same road out, so the first 100km was a pure backtracking from the previous day. As we needed to goto Karasjok to get a Global Blue tax refund cheque… Continue reading Day 11, Going south.

Day 10, We made it.

End of the world and then turn left. This morning seams so long ago that its hard to remember everything. We traveled 300Km, so a nice gentle ride. Finally we saw reindeer, lots of them. A couple came to wards us started going faster. and faster so we made a quick retreat into the car.… Continue reading Day 10, We made it.

Day 9, Whale salami ?

The end of the world is nigh! Todays drive brought us within grasp of our destination. It was a gentle drive starting around 10 am and covering “only” 842Km, to the town of Alta. It has to be said, the landscape in Lapland is really beautiful. The countless number of waterfalls, the rivers, lakes fjords… Continue reading Day 9, Whale salami ?

Day 8, Artic Circle

Wet Cold and very very windy Day 8 proved to be another hard day, but more due to the weather than anything. We covered some 550Km today, mostly is drizzle. Traveling in Norway is slow. the mail roads are mostly limited to 80Km/h, some are 90 a lot are only 60. This makes covering any… Continue reading Day 8, Artic Circle

Day 6, That was easy.

Norway, and a short day Today was deliberately a short days drive, only around 470Km, as we have had a few long drives and we both needed the opportunity to stretch our legs. In addition, I had heard that entering Norway at present can take 2 hours or more. This turned out to be incorrect… Continue reading Day 6, That was easy.