Day 21, Its not Holland

But we were in Holland After spending a very enjoyable evening in Utrecht, a town to revisit, we headed west towards France. I hate driving in or around Paris, so we decided to head towards Calais, but first we had to cross The Netherlands and Belgium. Our route took us past Rotterdam, which does not… Continue reading Day 21, Its not Holland

Day 20. Frisia.

Black and white Cows. The night in the hotel was not very good, my mattress having about as much support as a sheet of paper. I wanted to avoid driving through or around Hamburg. Unfortunately, Hamburg has the first road crossing over the river Elbe, and it always very busy. So after checking the map,… Continue reading Day 20. Frisia.

Day 19, Denmark

In search of piggies. Today we left Stockholm and made our way over to the east coast of Denmark, the land of bacon and lots more. We looked a lot but didn’t see a single piggy. We saw loads of cows, and so many sheep. On reaching the east coast we followed it south and… Continue reading Day 19, Denmark

Day 17, Stockholm

It will be nice when it is finished. Spent the day walking around the old row. Of Stockholm. It’s a nice place with lot and lots of roadworks and building site. We had temperatures up to 28c today. 

Day 16, Off to Stockholm

Danger of turning lobster! Today just a short drive of 100km through the countyside. Stopped at a couple of lakes, nothing exciting, and a quaint protected village.  We arrived in Stockholm around 3pm so we could check in as soon as possible. The area around d the hotel was full of roadworks, and no where… Continue reading Day 16, Off to Stockholm