Day 27. The journey ends.

Chatting to another driver.

The last day had started, and with a fully charged battery I checked out and continued on my way. The route was standard upto Mulhouse, although I did leave the Autoroute to go shopping at Belfort. At Belfort I didn’t connect to the charger as I was still at 60 % or so, so there was no real need. Maybe someone else would need it. Last time I was there with the Ioniq, there was a rapid charger from Corri-door, which was one of the ones Izivia shut down. I noticed as I left that the charger appears to have been changed. I could be mistaken as I didn’t stop to look.

After Mulhouse, I crossed into Switzerland, with just a couple of minutes delay being asked by the border guard where I was going, and it was off to the next charge at the Supercharcher in Dietikon.

I have to say I like this Supercharger. Its a good size and has great facilities. I got into a conversation with a Model S driver who ha been on a “log trip around Switzerland”. Hw said he would be covering in total a couple of thousand Km including his return to Saarland. When he asked where I was going, of course I told him I was on the last few hundred KM of an 11,600Km road trip. His jaw dropped.

Following a nice chat, a coffee and something to eat from the automat, i continued to the Bregenz Supercharger, another I had not been to before. I was thirsty and wanted a coffee, but could I get the machine to work. It is a totally unclear to me how to get something from it. Select the product it shows the price. Hold the card to the RFID reader and it says select product. Select the product it shows price again. I even asked a couple of kids who were there if they could figure it out. In the end I gave up and went and drank some water I had in the car. On reaching 80% I left, and continued the rest of the way home.

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