Day 26. Beaune again.

Heading back, again.

It was time for me to head back to home. Chantal is staying with her father for a few months, so now I was traveling solo.

I chose a totally different route to that I usually take to return to Beaune. This time I headed south of Tours over Vierzon and the southern route to Autumn. The last time I took this route was probably 10 years or so ago, and in the opposite direction.

Until Bourges, the route is Autoroute. I came off to top up the charge at Vierzon, not the most exciting supercharger, but ok. The cafe/burger restaurant refused access to the toilet saying they wanted nothing to do with the Tesla chargers. Next-door was a Hotel and there they were happy for me to use the toilet, even though they were officially closed. The also let me have a coffee from their machine. 2€ well spent!

From Bourges, the road is all national/department road of a good quality, and not as slow as some French department roads. France took the step of reducing the speed limits from 90 Kmh to 80 Kmh, but after a lot of complaints, the decision on the speed limits was put to the local areas, and some raise the limit back to 90 Kmh. The trouble is, there are hardly any signs to say what the valid speed limit is. This has already caught me once, where I thought it was 90, but it was 80, resulting in a ticket and heavy fine. I was not impressed.

I arrived at Beaune mid afternoon without incident and checked in the the hotel. The Mercure at Beaune has several superchargers and one type 2 charger. the type 2 also has a standard 240V AC outlet. So I took the type 2 for an overnight recharge to 95%.

As a member of the Accor hotels change rewards club, I had a nice free glass of wine and nibble bits as a welcome drink, which was very welcome.

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