Day 22, Back to the pond

Last day of this stage.

Today we will return to Chantal’s Fathers home where I will spend a few days, and Chantal will remain for a few months. The journeys end is near and that is always a day I don’t like.

After leaving Boulogne we took the departmental roads for a while before going back onto the autoroute. We stopped to visit the village of Camembert, the origin of the same named cheese, and visited the museum on the origins of the cheese. its a small place but at only €4 including tasting of 3 bits of cheese it was good value. about 50% of the exhibits have English translations of the French text, but for some reason half way through they just stop. After we visited the shop and bought 2 different camemberts to bring home.

We arrived back at Chantal’s fathers about mid afternoon.

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