Day 21, Its not Holland

But we were in Holland

After spending a very enjoyable evening in Utrecht, a town to revisit, we headed west towards France. I hate driving in or around Paris, so we decided to head towards Calais, but first we had to cross The Netherlands and Belgium.

Our route took us past Rotterdam, which does not look very inspiring, mostly oil storage and refineries, across many small islands to Middelburg Goes. It was rather windy and at times very wet, but when the sun shone it was really nice. Crossing into Belgium we drove through Zeebrugge, where we watched a vehicle transporter go through a raised road bridge, and onto Oostende, somehow ending up lost in a residential area going in circles, but we eventually found the road to Dunkerque.

We had booked a hotel in Calais in the town center, but when we got there we were told the car park was full and we couldn’t park in the centre. The hotel told us to park outside the town and walk in, with our bags. Needles to say we cancelled the booking and made a booking at a different hotel, where in advance we phoned and reserved a parking place, in Boulogne-sur-Mer. The hotel was cramped but ok, nothing exciting. The parking was shared with the local police so I think quiet safe.

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