Day 18, Off to Malmö

Metallica accident.

The road out of Stockholm was quiet busy. Again we were more or less forced onto the motorway, and had little chance to see much. However, we left it after an hour or two and went a bit across country and down the side of a very long lake. There were a few nice villages along the route. For midday we stoped at a hotel which was staffed by what appeared to be children. We asked one how old she was. 15. She said it was a summer job and all the staff were very young, the cook was only 17. The food was good and we were able to give the car a full charge as the hotel was also a supercharger location.

On leaving after lunch I spotted a memorial sign to a very english sounding person, so we pulled over to take a look. It was the location of the accident that killed the Metallica band member Clifford Lee Burton.

In a small village we spotted some standing stones which had (Viking?) runes on them. The countryside was so much better than the route over the fast road. Im sure a vacation jus tin Sweden would be interesting sometime. For example the Ikea Museum at Ålmhult, we stopped briefly, but Chantal didn’t want to go in. I think it would have been quiet interesting to see the history and development of the brand.

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