Day 15, More Sweden.

Sadly disapointed.

Today we continied south through Sweden. We had hoped to drive slowly along the coast, see some towns and villages, watch the world go by in a fishing port, but no. The “coast Road” is the E4, a fast road that bypasses just about everywhere. Villages are a long way off the road, and uproot now the road is nowhere near the cost, except at one place where there was a deserted holiday park and a beach.

All in all traveling thought Sweden appears to be arrange to prevent any sight seeing and encourage travel throughout he country as quickly as possible (but no faster than 110Km/h). As a result we are. ow at Uppsala, a university town I had expect to take 4 days to reach. Uppsala looks to be a nice day, and we will spent the morning here looking a a few sights then goto Stockholm for 2 nights.

I hope the hotel tomorrow is better than tonights “cupboard” room, where the room is so small the bed hardly fits, and there inst even a bedside table. For the price, really bad. We have been booking our rooms via, we have used the for years. On checkin the receptionist told us never to use as its only a scammers website and we should always book direct with Scandic. As the photos of the room are so different from the rooms they have here, and the photos are provided to bay the hotel, I think its the hotel who are scamming. Needles today, the receptionists comments will be put in the review tomorrow.


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