Day 14, Sweden

Chatting with Tesla owners

Today was another travel day, leaving Rovaniemi around 10 am. I had expected to only go about 250Km, but in the end it was 520 Km. We made a stop at Gammelstad for a good couple of hours, a very nice Unesco world heritage location.

At a supercharger location we got into a 10 minute chat with 2 local Tesla drivers who were happy to hear that we have driven 7000 km on a road trip to the top of Europe. They told us about the local charging infrastructure and how its slowly improving for them.

We continued driving and had expected to stop at Lueå but it was still only early afternoon so we cancelled out hotel and continued to a place outside of Umeå. The hotel is located right on the maim road but quiet. The owners have only had it for about 3 months, and as we saw from the meal, are still learning the business. The inexperience shows, but they are nice.

520Km today

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