Day 12, Finland.

Trees Trees and more Trees!

With a bit of doubt as to the open status, or not, of the Finish border, we made our way to the crossing. We were the only car there, and the guard came out of his cabin looking a bit cold and fed up, asked where we were going to which we replied “Transit to Sweden”, he then looked at our Covid pass and passports and waved us on our way. It all took less than 2 minutes.

So here we are Finland for the first time ever. They have a lot of trees…really a lot, like almost 400km of mostly straight roads and trees. After the wonderful scenery of Norway, so many trees are boring. Oh and its very very flat. Did I mention the trees? We saw a few more reindeer and some form of grey bird of pray swept down towards our car and unfortunately hit the A pillar and bounced off with a very loud bang. The car is undamaged but I doubt the bird survived. Shame, it looked like a peregrine falcon type bird, a bit larger perhaps and grey.

Todays rather tree lined trip was 400km and we are now in Santas Town of Rovaniemi staying in a lovely log cabin.

400km through Finish lapland.

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