Day 11, Going south.

Tax Refund!

We left Honningsvåg around 9:30 am. It was a cold, about 8c, and rainy day, The route was limited, one road in and the same road out, so the first 100km was a pure backtracking from the previous day. As we needed to goto Karasjok to get a Global Blue tax refund cheque dealt with, we needed to get a charge before going in that direction, so after back tracking we had to backtrack again north for 30km!

The route to Karasjok is pleasant but there are no superchargers anywhere close by. We managed to find a CCS rapid charger, but none of my RFID cards worked. After looking on various sites, I saw that it should work with In.Charge, so I installed the app and it worked. It was essential that this charge worked as we would have a few hundred Km in an area with no other charging possibilities, and if it didn’t work we would have had to backtrack again and go via Alta again.

After getting the Global Blue sorted, we then headed to Kautokeino, about 40Km from the Finnish border, where we had a hotel booked. The total distance today was about 452Km.

We still haven’t seen any moose ☹️

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