Day 10, We made it.

End of the world and then turn left.

End of the world.

This morning seams so long ago that its hard to remember everything. We traveled 300Km, so a nice gentle ride. Finally we saw reindeer, lots of them. A couple came to wards us started going faster. and faster so we made a quick retreat into the car. Although we were a fair distance from them, 50-100meter, maybe they thought we were too close. In any case as soon as we got in the car they lost interest and walked off somewhere else.


On route we passed many Sami houses, and saw a few in traditional clothes, again so many lakes and waterfalls its impossible to keep count. all in all a good day with a lot to digest.

The Nordkapp centre has a lot more than I expected so it is easy to spend a few hours there, its not just a gift shop and cafe as I expected. There are at least 4 films about the area, one was unfortunately finished when we arrived, there is a museum about the history of the place, and a marine exhibit. In edition there are other displays on the visit fo the Thai king in 1907, The Children of the World statues and more. However It is very windy. We had good weather, but even so we had showers and at one point sleet, with temperatures hovering around 8c. A rain proof coat and a wooly hat are essential!

Returning to the hotel, Chantal wanted to go paddling in the Artic Sea (!), which she duly did. Our hotel in Honnigsv√•g, has to be said is not the nicest we have stayed in. It is very dated, and doesn’t even have a restaurant. Its not exactly cheap either. However we found a bistro with nice food just neat to the harbour.

Sami House

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