Day 9, Whale salami ?

The end of the world is nigh!

Todays drive brought us within grasp of our destination. It was a gentle drive starting around 10 am and covering “only” 842Km, to the town of Alta.

It has to be said, the landscape in Lapland is really beautiful. The countless number of waterfalls, the rivers, lakes fjords and mountains is impressive.


On route we stopped at a Sami folk centre aka shop and bought a few bits and pieces for the cat sitters. One thing we saw, but didn’t buy, was Whale salami. I am not in favour of killing whales, so that was not something I want to try or support. We did get some reindeer and Moose salamis however.

Talking of Moose, everywhere over Norway are “beware of the moose” traffic signs, but so far we have seen no sign of one, or of reindeer for that matter. Hopefully we will see something but I am beginning to think its all a tourism advertising campaign trick. 😂

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