Day 8, Artic Circle

Wet Cold and very very windy

Day 8 proved to be another hard day, but more due to the weather than anything. We covered some 550Km today, mostly is drizzle. Traveling in Norway is slow. the mail roads are mostly limited to 80Km/h, some are 90 a lot are only 60. This makes covering any real distance time consuming.

We had wanted to go over to the Lofoten area, but decided to drop this as the weather wasn’t so good. We did however get to the Article Circle Center, a large gift shop that is only there for the sake of being there!

After last. fights problems finding accommodation today I booked ahead. the only problem then is knowing how long you need to get there. We booked into a hotel in Narvik where we also had Norwegian food in a modern style. Some of it wasn’t to my taste, but it was interesting. We have booked tomorrows hotel as well at Alta, another 500km or so away, so probably a other long day. However the night after that we will be on the North Cape, and from there its a stones throw from the hotel we have booked.

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