Day 7, Far more than we expected.

It was a hard day.

We left the hotel around 7:15, not knowing how far we would be able to get or where we would stay overnight. Our plan was to follow the E6 and find a place to stay somewhere north of Trondheim.

We arrived at Trondheim quest early in the afternoon and decided it was a bit too early to stop, so we continued north. However, the density of villages rapidly declined to the point of small hamlets and single houses. and the weather also started to deteriorate. We saw a few places with camping chalets where we asked, but everywhere was full. We couldn’t find any hotels or B&B anywhere. Booking.Com, Hotels.Com and Trip Advisor pulled up zero results. Eventually at 10pm we found a place with rather grotty, old chalets that had one free. We had travelled exactly 900Km, about double the distance we expected to cover, but at least it was a place to stay.

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