Day 5, It stopped raining!

Visiting the Swedish chef.

Today was another long drive, 830Km, from Münster to just north of Malmö in Sweden. We left at 8am, the day started very wet, more like a November day, with ground rain and drizzle, but strangely with 22c, it was very heavy & humid.

As the drive progressed the heavens opened and it rained until we were between Bremen and Hamburg. Then the sun came out. As the day progressed the temperature climbed to 31c in Denmark. The traffic was very heavy as always before Hamburg and though the Elbe Tunnel, but afterward eased up. All in all a relaxing, if long, drive.

We booked accommodation around mid-day at a place called “Hanksville Farm” in the middle of nowhere at a village called Svalöv. The place is like a camping site with tiny houses and is very popular with bikers of an older age.

In the evening we had a meal which was veal burgers with boiled potatoes, mushroom sauce and some form of jam. Strange but tasty. There was no other option! I think we were the only non Swedes on site.

Tomorrow it will be direction Oslo, but exactly how far we get we don’t yet know. I think a shorted day would be a good idea after 2 days of over 800Km.

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