Day 3, Calm before the storm?

Family time and gravestones.

The last time we were in France, my mother-in-law died and we had to bury her. That was 6 months ago, so now its time to arrange the gravestone. I don’t really understand why we couldn’t have arranged that back when she was buried, but that’s how it works in France. So today it was a time for family, and visiting the grave. We sorted out the gravestone, and afterwards went and bought a couple of plants to put on the grave. That rather sad task done, we took my father-in-law to a return, and then shopping. It wasn’t the most exciting of days.

Tomorrow the “real” holiday starts! We will be leaving fairly early to start heading to Denmark. We don’t know at this time how far we will travel tomorrow, so its a case of wait and see where we will be staying tomorrow night. We hope to get to north Germany, hopefully north of Münster.

Wiggly route today!

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