Day 2, 2021 Vacation

Beaune to Chateau Du Loir

‎⁨Crottes-en-Pithiverais⁩, ⁨Centre Region⁩, ⁨France⁩

Today was a fairly gentle days trip of only 473Km. We left the hotel about 9:00 and arrived at my father-in-laws at about 15:00. We made 2 short supercharger stops, one at Auxerre and then the second at Blois where we charged to 80%. We charged fairly high at Blois although we were only 100Km from our destination as we can only charge via a 2 pin plug for the next couple of days, which due to power limitations can not exceed 2Kw, the whole house only has 6Kw and we don’t want to stress the wiring!

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