Travelling during Covid times

Day 1

At long last, after 3 year finally time for a decent holiday. The last year has been a time of worry and lockdown for all of us, but at last we have vacinations and are allowed to travel again. Even upto the last moment there were doubts it would happen, but here we are, the evening of our first day away.

We left at around 9:15 in the morning heading from our home in Munich to the west of France to go and visit my father in law. He is rather elderly and is quiet alone since his wife died back in Feburary. We don’t want to spend out holidays with him, but Chantal will go and live with him until the new year, so first we are going there to drop of a lot of the things she will need and spend a couple of days there together.

We had planned to goto Portugal, but due to Covid Delta this isn’t possible. Plan B was to goto Spain. This is now also not possible as Spain is also a red zone. So, we need a plan C. Currently, we are looking to drive from West France to Nordkap in Norway, but of course, this is subject to changes in Covid rules, thus we have to play it by ear.

In any case we will need to return to west France so I can drop off Chantal before I return home.

Todays route was from Munich, over Lindau throughout Austria into Switzerland, passing by Zurich and Basel, cut the corner around Basel-Mulhouse airport to Belfort, and onto Beaune, where we spent the first night.

Compared to previous trips to Beaune in the Ioniq, long distance in the Tesla is a dream. I loved the Ioniq, but we had to recharge every 150km or so. So on this trip it would have been 5 or 6 times. With the Tesla we had to make 1 stop, although we chose to stop twice, once to buy a Swiss motorway vignette at Aichstetten, and the other at Dietikon where we charged fully, and had something to eat and drink, at the rather good Tesla Lounge. From to Beaune, it was plain sailing, arriving in Beaune with 16% charge.

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