The New Aero

Spring is here, and hopefully summer is coming, so its time to remove the winter tyres and put on the summer ones.

When I ordered my Model 3, I didn’t order any winter tyres so in October I bought 18″ winter tyres and had them mounted on the standard Aero rims from Tesla. The original summer tyres were stored and later sold.

Trillian with her new shoes

Before Trillian was delivered I had ordered a set of “The New Aero” rims which had been sitting in my office taking up space, so I was rater glad to get them finally mounted, with new 19″ Pilot Sport 4 tyres from Michelin. I made a slight mistake when ordering and did not get the ones with the noise reduction foam on the inside, but I am not too worried about that. Total cost of the rims and new tyres was €3500. Not exactly cheap, bit I do like the look of them. So far I have only driven about 500km on them so its too early to say if the design makes any difference to the power consumption, but my initial impression is that there is none compared to the 18″ Tesla wheels.

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