First long trip in the Model 3

After collecting our Model 3 from the ceramic coating company, we named the car Trillian, so rather than saying Model 3 overtime I will say Trillian.

Our first trip was to got West France, between Le Mans and Tours where my inlays live. This was a follow on to our trip in June as my mother-in-law was still in hospital. The trip itself was remarkably uneventful. We left home fully chargers, topped up for 10 minutes at Memmingen, and then cut across to Mulhouse in France for the first Supercharger charging. That took about 30 minutes or so and we were on our way again. The next step was at the hotel in Beaune where I also charged one the supercharger. I could have charged on the granny charger at the hotel or on a type 2, but for some reason I didn’t. I can’t remember why.

The following day we drove cross country over Chateau Chinnon, and charged ar Bourges where we had lunch, then at Tours before going the last 50km or so to my inlays home. We charged at Tours as at home there is no possibility to charge quickly. The only CCS is 20km away and out of action still, and the next type 2 about 5km away, so its low power granny charging only. As the house only has a 6kW supply we have to really limit the charging to 2kW so it takes a long time to charge. This of course means we try to charge wherever we can when out.

As my mother-in-laws hospital was north of Le Mans we had to drive and charge at the Le Mans Supercharger almost every day. Luckily the supercharger was only about 10 minutes from the hospital.

For the return trip, I went to the “local” type 2 for about 2 hours and watched Netflix so we had a good charge before we left in the morning. The return route was a bit different, charging first at Auxerre for about 25 minutes, then again at the hotel, this time on the granny charger. The following morning again in Mulhouse, and a quick top up in Memmingen again.

All in all a very simple and easy trip, and as we had so few charging stops it was quicker than the Ioniq. Apart from the charges at Memmingen all the recharged were covered by referral credits.

My referral code is and if you quote this when buying a Tesla both of us will get enough free charging to cover approximately 1500 Km.

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