France trip during Covid-19

Due to family illness we need to goto France to sort out some health related issues with my wife mother. The trip has taken a month to arrange after we were told by the social services that we had to go for a meeting, most of that time was to get permissions sorted out. At the time of travel, people living in France were not allowed to go more than 100km from their home and not from one department to another. We have to cross from the east to the west of France.

Then there is Corri-door, the French rapid charger network on the Autoroute, or perhaps better said the ex-network. Att he start of 2020 they switched off the network with no warning and have stated they do not intend to restore the service. So 200 chargers missing. As a result there are no rapid chargers from Corri-door on our route that we can use. Luckily there is Ionity at a couple of locations, but we had to fall back to type 2 chargers as well, so out trip was longer than usual.

Finally, the hotel we had a confirmed reservation for in Beaune told us, when we enquired if the restaurant was open 2 days before travel, that they were closed on the date of our reservation. Nice of them to tell us, or it would have been. Ok We managed to get our prepayment back and book a new place but it was annoying.

moving around our final destination, to and from the hospital wasn’t an issue as we could plug our granny charger in to recharge, and there was a local type 2 when we went shopping, but compared to last time charging was an issue.

On our way home, in Orleans all the type 2 chargers we tried were out of order. Our Ioniq has a range of 240 max and on the Autoroute more like 180 before we must recharge. Our route has gaps in rapid charging of 300km. France, you need to get your act together. Corri-door is doing more to kill the EV than the fossile lobby!

We will probably have to go again to France later in the year, and I am not looking forward to it.

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