A charge card for Portugal

For our Sumer holidays this year we were torn between going to south Italy or to attempt to get to Portugal. So of course I started to investigate getting an access card for the Spanish and Portuguese charging network. Spain was relatively easy. Just get the IBIL & Easy Charger apps, and make an account. I few days later I received an RFID card and that was that.

Portugal was not quite so simple. First download the Mobi.e app and create an account. That was easy, and gives access to the AC charging network. But what about DC charging ? Well, there you need to have a contract with a CEME. Now the website of Mobi.e does have a list of CEME, but finding one that has a website, and of those, the ones that have the website in English isn’t so easy. Google translate can help a lot, but often important information is in areas that Google can’t translate such as images or dropdown boxes in scripts.

I ended up on the website of Prio, and with Googles help managed to find what I need and an application form, which of course was in Portuguese. I managed to get it filled in but discovered I needed to print it, and include a Portuguese tax number, which of course I don’t have. I sent it in by post anyway and used Google to write a letter saying I didn’t live in Portugal and was visiting just for a couple of weeks. The response was that I still needed a tax number and my German one would be ok. So filled out the form again, sent it in and it was rejected as the tax number was incorrect. After a lot of emails, with Google translate the very patient staff of Prio helped me get what they actually needed and hay presto, the account was opened, and all I needed to do was log in and change my password.

Except I couldn’t log in, it didn’t work

More emails. more back and forth and the guy changed the password and send me the replacement, and with that I could log in, and reset the password again.

Next step was to apply for a charge card. Opening a account does not apply for a card!. Well, I found out how to do that and waited, and waited. Nothing. A couple of days ago I thought I must have done something wrong, or the card had been lost in the post, so yesterday I applied for another card. Today, the original turned up. it just needs to be activated, and the PIN number chaged at a Portuguese charge point.

So yeh, I can now I can charge in Portugal. Unfortunately not. Due to illness I am currently off work, and my health insurance has told me I am not allowed to take a holiday, even though it would do me a world of good.

Prio Chargecard arrives.
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