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Although my Ioniq is only 18 months or so old, I have been thinking for some time about what comes next. Originally I was thinking a Tesla Model 3 or maybe a Kona. However, a car I have been following for a while looks extremely interesting, and that’s the Byton M-Byte. I don’t know the pricing yet, nor have I seen one in the flesh, or should that be in the steel, so that will be a deciding factor of course. Another contender might be the Polestar 2, but I suspect that will be too expensive for me.

When can we expect to see the Byton on sale. Well, I don’t know that either, but Byton has said end 2019. I am assuming that will be China or the USA, with the EU more 2020. A 2020/2021 delivery time would fit in to my expected car change timetable quite nicely. However, of course, by then the Tesla Model Y will, *might*, be out and even perhaps a VW EV, or maybe not. One thing is certain the options available in a year or two will be more than now, with better range and hopefully lower prices. Delivery times are for me not as important. I had originally planned to keep the Ioniq for up to 6 years, so if I need to wait a year for delivery, it just means I order a bit earlier.

So what will I be looking for in a new EV? First and foremost, a fast charging speed, then the range. I would rather charge for 20 minutes every 2-3 hours than charge for 90 minutes every 6 hours. I tend to take a break every 2 hours when driving anyway as there comes a point when range is hours per bladder. Equipment level is naturally important, as are OTA software updates. So a built in wifi/LTE will be needed too. I love my regen paddles on the Ioniq and use them constantly. A large infotainment center is essential along with a good sound system. Full autonomy isn’t something I am looking for, but I can see it being of use as I get older, and my reaction times get longer. I can’t see me putting my car into a car sharing pool.

I guess time will tell what will happen when it comes time to upgrade. I am not in any hurry, the market is changing so fast that what is fantasy today will be the norm tomorrow. Who knows what we will see on sale in 2 or 3 years time. What “secret projects” are out there that will surprise us?

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