2019 the first few months

Due to illness I haven’t updated the blog for a while, or for that matter driven very much. So what’s been going on with the Ioniq ?

In January we drove to Pisa for a week. We left very early int he morning and reached Pisa y early evening. The trip was a bit of an adventure with a terrible snow storm, in fact the next day the Brenner pass was blocked due to the amount of snow. We also had issues with getting a charged in one town. Enel X had a charger their at the offices, but refused access, despite their own app saying access was possible. Another charger in the town was defective, and a 3rd didn’t even exist. Eventually we got a charge at Lidl. The trips around Pisa were nice and relaxing. Plenty of type 2 chargers, but not many CCS.

Otherwise, we had a few short trips pin the local area and one trip to Heilbronn for my wife to run the half marathon, and another to Linz for the day.

The car is still performing perfectly, and we are still very happy with it.

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