30,000Km Service and costs over the year.

It is now almost a year since we bought the Ioniq, and its time for its 30,000Km service. Actually it’s a few Km early, but I needed to get the winter tyres fitted so it made sense to do both at once. The cost breakdown is as follows:

  • €89.00 – 30,000 Km inspection.
  • €25.00 – New pollen filter
  • €71.20 – Mounting winter tyres on rims, balancing etc.
  • €35.60 – Cleaning all 4 break callipers and greasing mechanism.
  • €37.82 – Storage of summer tyres.
  • €49.14 – VAT.

This makes a total cost of €307.76 which is ok when you consider that includes a more work intensive tyre change. Our battery State of Health is at 100%, so no degradation despite probably 95% of the charging being rapid charges. In addition the inspection cost, we have had a total fuel cost of circa €450 over the 30,000Km. Our fully comprehensive insurance is relatively expensive at about €600. This works out at about 4 cents per Km (excluding cost of buying the car of course).  Judging by the prices I have seen for used Ioniq of a lower specification than ours, I would estimate depreciation has been about €2000 over the year. The Ioniq is currently in such high demand that the values are not really dropping much. I have even seen some offered for sale, and sold, at more than the original purchase price.

So all in all we are very happy about our EV and do not regret it for one moment.

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