Bayerischer Wald

We went for a short drive today, only to the Bayerische Wald. We had wanted to try to get to Klatovy in the Czech Republic but as we approached the border the weather started to go grey and it started to rain, so we turned towards Zwiesel, where I have never been, but it was even worse rain there. So we came home again. We did try out a fast charger at Teisnach technology canter, but it was defective. However across the woad is the main office from E-Wald, and as luck would have it there was a guy in the garage there doing something with an electric VW Beetle. At that location there is also a rapid charger, which looks very temporary, so we asked if we could charge and they said yes. It was free which was good. Otherwise, a free charge at the BMW factory in Dingolfing, a short walk and free top up at Deggendorf was about all for the trip.

Zwiesel might be a place to go back to one day to visit the glassworks perhaps.

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