Namlos and Bschlaber Tals

It was Whitsuntide and Whitsunday the weather was not good so the tour we had planned was postponed to Monday. At least it wasn’t so bad Monday, so it was down to the car and time for a tour. I wanted to try out a video camera in the car to record the drive as well, so first I spent a few minuted setting that up in the car.

The plan was to go via Linderhof to the Namlos Tal. I had never heard of this place e, but it is not really so far away. The drive was easy of course, but my concern was where to charge. According to the apps I have, there are no rapid chargers in the area, only a couple of type 2, and I really don’t want to hang around in the middle of nowhere to charge for hours on end. So I chose the BMW hotel at Ammerwald where there is a free CCS. Its also a good place to stop for a coffee and the toilet. I arrived with about 43% charge, and the car told me I would need about 30 minutes to reach a full charge. Charge started timer on iPhone set and off to the hotel. 25 minutes later we returned to find the car had not charged. The charge had failed with a communication error after only 5 minutes. Annoying. Anyway,Chantal went for a short walk, and I stayed at the car and monitored the charge until it ended. It only took 15 minutes. The road is nice in this area, typical Austrian tan road with a nice lake to one side. It is not a fast road, but it is relaxing.

We reached the Namlos Tal easily and had a pleasant drive along the valley. It is an attractive place only 10Km or so long. However, the number of crazy motorcyclists driving way to fast and often on the wrong side of the road spots it. The motorbikes also make it a very noisy place. Our charge level was very good, I don’t remember how high it was but the drive up to the top of the valley and the decent basically more or less cancelled out.

So there was no need to look for a charger and we decided to have another pass, this time the Bschlabertal, also an unknown valley for me. The peak of the Bschlabertal is about 1900m I think. It is very bleak and there was still quiet a bit of snow off to the side of the road. The decent is quiet narrow and very windy, with an impressive view. As a driver you feel like your on a ledge on the side of the cliff. In addition there was also again a large number of mad motorcyclists risking their lives. Crash at those speeds on that road and you won’t live to tell the tale, you could easily end up smashed against the cliff or catapult over the railings and fall to your death.

After the Bschlabertal We decided to start home as the weather was deteriorating. First we needed to get a quick top up, from 65% to make it home. We went to a charger at Ă–tztal-Bahnhof and used the Maingau charge card where we fully charged in about 15 minutes. We returned home via Mittenwald and the Kochelsee. This was a mistake as we had a 45 minute delay due to traffic at Kochel. Something I also noticed is that the navigation in the Ioniq is sometimes very strange on its routing algorithm. I had selected Fastest route no motorway, expecting it to put me more or less parallel to the Munich autobahn, but instead of heading toward Munich, it took me due east and then north, brining me into Munich from the south east. We were originally south west of Munich, and there is a nice fast road which goes most of the way. The route it took was through a lot of winding side roads. Very strange.

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